Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to Yap

Two heads are better than one, they say, so two critics should have a more resonant voice than solo.

That's the idea behind The Film Yap, a new Web site debuting today that is a partnership between critic Joe Shearer and myself.

Visit it at

Before you ask: No, Captain Critic is not going away. The Film Yap will feature reviews of new movies and DVDs that first appear here. Joe will also share some of his writings on our joint site.

But we also plan to produce plenty of original content specifically for The Yap. We've already recorded our first podcast, which we hope to make a weekly feature, which should be up soon. We're still populating the site, but there's already plenty up for you to read now.

In addition, we'll have interviews with notable film folks, ruminations on various topics related to movies, and hopefully plenty of feedback (i.e. yap) from our viewers.

We're really excited about this new partnership, so please visit the new site as well as


  1. I was wondering about the "secret project."

  2. It was only a secret so nobody grabbed the domain name before we bought the rights to it.

    Actually, our first choice was, but that's actually already taken. We had been referring to it amongst ourselves as "The Yap," so getting was a nice consolation.