Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coming this week

Things are about to slow down for awhile after this week. In the build-up to the Oscars, Hollywood often pushes out a very light schedule. And many of these films are being held up for very late screenings on Wednesday or Thursday nights -- times the studio chooses specifically because they know that's too late for most print reviews.

Included on that list is "Shutter Island," the new movie by Martin Scorsese and starring Leo DiCaprio. Not a good sign.

This week I'll have reviews of "Crazy Heart," an Oscar hopeful, and "Extraordinary Measures."

The video review will be "Gamer."

For the Reeling Backward column, this week I've selected two movies that seem to have greatly influenced current new releases: "Waterworld" and "Tender Mercies." The similarities of those films will be discussed in relation to "The Book of Eli" and "Crazy Heart," respectively.

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