Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Video review: "Knight and Day"

Audiences were unkind to "Knight and Day." Maybe it's because they've collectively decided they're so over Tom Cruise. If so, I wouldn't blame them.

If someone were to construct a how-to guide for the world's biggest movie star to systematically alienate most of Hollywood and ticket-buyers, Cruise's actions over the last few years would look shockingly familiar.

But that doesn't diminish the fact that this is his most purely entertaining movie since "Jerry Maguire." He's a suave, dangerous and mesmerizing onscreen presence. As I wrote in my review at the time, "Tom Cruise reminds us why we used to like Tom Cruise so much."

He plays Roy Miller, a rogue super-spy on the run. He hooks up with June Evans (Cameron Diaz), a mechanic from Boston, to help get through airport security. Later, he flirts with her on the plane, and while she excuses herself to the lavatory, he assassinates everyone aboard.

Soon they're hopping all over the globe, with Roy's loyalties constantly in question. The never-mind plot has something to do with a new type of battery that can power an entire city, forever.

It's a classic movie MacGuffin -- it doesn't matter what it is, other than everybody wants it.

It's a fun thrill ride of a movie, with a tight, clever script by rookie screenwriter Patrick O'Neill. Director James Mangold ("Walk the Line") keeps the tone light, and stages the action scenes impressively without going over the top.

Give Cruise, and "Knight and Day," a second chance on video.

The movie is available as a single-disc DVD version or a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

The DVD comes with modest extras: A making-of documentary, a couple of featurettes and a Black Eyed Peas music video.

The combo pack ups the ante with several more behind-the-scenes features, and a digital copy of the film.

Movie: 3 stars out of four
Extras: 2.5 stars

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  1. I thought this movie was excellent too and the script and story was excellent as there were plenty of surprises that I didn’t expect (thus the surprise). I was impressed to see in the special features that Cruise did his own stunts (as usual) but still even more impressed that Diaz joined right in. I recorded this in HD on my DISH Network employee DVR so we could watch it again later. I love how crisp it looks in HD which is nice that there are over 200 channels in HD to choose from. Customers get the HD free too. I thought Cameron and Tom had great chemistry too which helped make the movie a hit with my wife and I.