Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Please join me at Substack


Hi everyone, especially long-time followers of this blog. When I started it in 2008, I had no idea that 13 years later I would still be posting here. Not many web-based endeavors last that long.

However, after much consideration, I've decided to stop posting new movie reviews here. After the Film Yap was started in 2009, that really became the primary "home" for my film writing. And now we're transitioning to Substack as our main platform. 

You've probably noticed that I've only been publishing preview versions of my reviews here lately with a link to the Substack. The idea was to nudge you that way. Now, continuing to post here seems redundant.

Please join me on FilmYap.Substack.com to continue reading my film work. It's a great new platform combining new and old ideas, so you can read new articles on the site or have them emailed straight to your inbox the minute they're published.

You can sign up for free, and if you like what you're reading by myself and nearly a dozen other contributors, please consider supporting our work with a modest subscription. filmyap.substack.com/subscribe

I appreciate your eyeballs and attention all these years. This blog isn't going to go away, as I now have an archive of thousands of articles, so they'll remain as long as Google lets me. And I may still use it for occasional personal essays and updates.

Until then...

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