Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cut off the Facebook feed? What do you think?

Not long after I started this blog, a colleague and friend suggested that I set it up to feed onto the Notes of my Facebook page. After a little dallying, I did this. I believe everything I've posted this last month has gone there.

I'm now caught in a dilemma of too much success. Most people are now reading my posts via Facebook, rather than clicking over to the blog.

To those veteran Webmeisters out there, the problem is obvious -- these count as page views for Facebook (which hardly needs them) and not on It's in my best interests, professionally and financially, to get the most views here, since clicks are king on the Web. (I've been afraid to click on the Google Ads link to see how many actual page views this site has seen recently, since I'm guessing I'll find it depressing).

What's your opinion? Should I cut off the Facebook feed? Or find some other way to convince visitors to swing by here first? Another option I've thought of is to sample the opening paragraph or two of new posts on Facebook, with a link to come here to read the rest. But I'm not exactly sure how to do that, other than manually.



  1. I like the idea of sentence or two and then posting the link to your blog. That's fairly easy to do.

    Professionally and financially which site would you say most people have contacted you? In facebook they need to be your friend so it'd be difficult for anyone else to read it.

    Keep them here.


  2. Chris,
    Make 'em come to your Captain Critic blog, especially if you're trying to monetize the site.
    I believe you can manually post a link to your blog.


  3. That's my instinct as well. I'll cancel the auto feed to Facebook and look to manually link posts there.

    I'm really not all that concerned with making money here. Looking at the Google Ads metrics, it takes thousands upon thousands of page views to make enough money that they'd even bother to cut you a check. But I'd much rather have whatever traffic I am garnering come here, rather than Facebook.