Sunday, January 11, 2009

No little Lloyds -- for now

Jean and I read with great interest this morning the story on the front page of the Star by (our good friend) Shari Rudavsky about lots of Hoosier families putting off having kids because of the economic downturn.

You see, we are part of that trend. Since getting married in April, our plan was to wait until the end of the year till we got moved into one house, sold or rented the other, etc. before we started trying to have a child. Our last discussion was in the fall, and we agreed to start trying in earnest in 2009.

With the loss of my job, that's obviously off the map for the foreseeable future. I don't want to rely on the Indiana state unemployment office for diaper money.

As you can imagine, it's sort of crushing to put important life plans on hold because of external forces. But as Shari's article relates, many people believe it's the smart thing to do.

It's also dashed my dream of becoming a dad before I turned 40, which will happen in August. The men in my family tend to have children late, which probably explains why there are no great sportsmen in the clan. Guys in their 50s don't much feel like playing football with a rambunctious preteen.

I've joked with Jean that I think I'd make a great Mr. Mom. Ego-wise, I would have no problem being a stay-at-home Dad. Maybe I will ... someday.

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