Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coming this week

I'll have film reviews of "Karate Kid," "Exit Through the Gift Shop" (whose release had been pushed back several times) and possibly "The A-Team."

The video review will be "Shutter Island."

I'll have Reeling Backward columns on "The Old Man and the Sea" and possibly one other TBA.

On a programming note, I should mention that 20th Century Fox had initially declined to screen "A-Team" here -- just as they've refused to have any advance screenings of their films in Indianapolis for more than a year. But the Indiana Film Journalists Association have been pressing, and they've agreed to screen that film and also "Knight and Day," coming out a couple weeks later.

We'll see if it actually happens. In the mean time, thanks to IFJAer Bob Bloom for leading the charge to convince Fox that Indy -- the 12th largest city in the nation -- is not some minor backwater for film lovers and critics alike.

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