Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Insane screening week

One of the few good things about being unemployed -- OK, the only good thing -- is the ability to catch all the movie screenings I normally would miss. And this week has been a doozy.

Starting on Friday, there has been at least one screening a day every day except Sunday, and this will continue through this Friday. On Wednesday alone, I will see "The Reader," "The Wrestler" and "Valkyrie."

Most of these are for the big "prestige" pictures that are hoping to pick up Oscar nominations and appear on critics' Top 10 Lists.

I'll be doing a Top 10 this year, although who knows if anyone will print it. You can definitely read it here; it should be ready in a couple of weeks.

At this point, "Wall-E" is still tops on my list, followed by "Slumdog Millionaire." I've already seen "Defiance," which was quite good and will probably make the list, and "Revolutionary Road," which was disappointing. Two hours of two miserable people trying to make the audience miserable.

Also a near miss was "Doubt," which features some great acting from Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but its internal logic is bent.


  1. I need to try and sneak into a Slumdog and/or Defiance screening soon, but time is VERY short this time of year. It IS a marathon week, and I'm managing to get to three of those four this week, which is no small task for me.

  2. Yay! My first comment! Thanks for dropping by, Joe.

  3. No problem! I'll frequent! Can I post your link on indy.com?