Friday, December 26, 2008

Open thread -- what's your favorite holiday movie this year?

I'm hoping to generate more comments on this site, so I thought I'd open up a thread for you all to chime in.

So what holiday season movie have you seen that blew you away?


  1. Benjamin Button did not blow me away, though it did lead to a bad dream about an approaching hurricane. I have higher hopes for Marley & Me which I plan to see this weekend.

  2. I appear to be out of the mainstream on "Marley." It's gotten a lot of critical snorts. It may make my Top 10 List.

  3. Gotta say Benjamin Button did blow me away. I listed it at number two on my list.

    Also, more time to reflect has softened my position on "The Wrestler," and I included it at number 7 on my list.

    Overall I have to say I've been a bit underwhelmed by the season, maybe because there hasn't been a huge blockbuster-type film out with requisite hype. I'm guessing that's in part due to "Star Trek" being moved.

    And BTW, Chris (and others), I'm sure you'll be appropriately horrified that I included "Speed Racer" in my best-of (at number 10). I still think you guys missed the boat on that one. You gotta see that opening scene again, see how much they do, the characters they introduce seamlessly, and the whole race-against-his-brother's-memory sequence. It still impresses me.

  4. There's nothing wrong with being out on a limb, Joe -- I was one of only two critics in American that liked "Catwoman." And although I salute your moxie in picking "Speed Racer," I can't follow you there.

    I'll be posting my top 10 tomorrow. "The Wrestler" didn't make it, but it was probably #11.