Monday, December 15, 2008

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...

More than 15 years ago, a professor asked me if I wanted to be a film critic, why didn't I just start writing reviews and look for newspapers and other outlets to publish them?

It sounded great, but I was young and still attached to that whole idea of a weekly paycheck. Better, I thought, to get a job at a newspaper and weasel my way into doing film criticism.

Well, it worked out for a while -- thousands of film reviews and other articles later, I've won awards, gotten some attention, had my stuff quoted in movie ads.

So now that I've gotten (imho) pretty darn good at it, the only slight hitch was my newspaper job going away in early December 2008. Yeah, yeah, cry me a river, I know, thousands of other people are losing newspaper jobs.

So now here I am, doing the critic thing in a different venue. I'll be posting my film reviews, articles and thoughts here, both stuff that's printed in some newspapers -- I've got a few clients, please visit their sites -- and my cybermusings.

So come around and help me live the dream ... minus the paycheck.

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  1. Really glad to be able to read you again -- welcome to the blogospher.