Sunday, August 30, 2009

New this week

I'll have reviews of "Extract," the new comedy feature from Mike Judge, and "Soul Power," a documentary about soul music.

The DVD review will be "State of Play," a journalism/political thriller with Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck.

The classic film reviews will be "The Last Starfighter" and "Mutiny on the Bounty."

Hopefully, I won't be partaking in any street protests this week.


  1. Just read your review about Extract. Do you think you could give any more away? I don't normally read reviews because, well, they're wrong much of the time. But what really pisses me off is the entire story and plot being given away. Luckily, I went to see this film before reading your review. Don't ruin it for other people, whether you like a film or not.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. It's always a balancing act of how much of a plot to summarize to help the reader know enough about the movie to make an informed decision about it, without ruining it.

    The general rule of thumb I follow is not to give away any more than the theatrical trailer does. If you've seen the one for "Extract," you'll see that I didn't reveal anything not found in that.