Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch the Current

If you live in the north Indianapolis suburbs and receive one of the weekly Current free papers -- the Current in Carmel, Current in Westfield, etc. -- then you'll notice a new item starting today: A DVD review by yours truly.

Yes, this is the new newspaper client I alluded to in a Facebook post. I'm very pleased to add another client, especially one in Indiana. It was rather strange being a freelance film critic whose stuff was only printed in Florida papers.

It's a small operation, and they're only running a truncated version of my regular video review. But still, a good addition to my little media empire.

Ironically, since we live in Broad Ripple we can't receive any of the papers, since they're only distributed in those Hamilton County towns. It's unclear as yet if my piece will make it to their Web version, which is still pretty basic.

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