Sunday, September 6, 2009

New this week

Things are a little slower. We're into the dregs of September, which tends to be one of the worst times for movie releases. An astonishing amount of stuff that is coming out isn't getting screened for critics -- never a good sign.

I will have a review of "9", an animated film coming out on Wednesday -- 9/9/09, don'cha know -- directed by Shane Acker and starring the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly and Christopher Plummer.

The DVD review will be "Crank: High Voltage."

I'll also have classical film reviews of "Robin and Marian" and "Asphalt Jungle." Several people have pointed out that the Reeling Backward has featured a lot more movies of a recent vintage lately, especially stuff from the 1970s and early '80s. I guess my viewing habits have just inclined that way lately.

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