Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I did with my settlement check

KARMA UPDATE: A few hours after I made this video, I received a letter in the mail from my mortgage company. It said my escrow was in overpayment, so I would be receiving a refund check that was nearly the same amount as the settlement check I donated.

I now believe in karma.

UPDATE, PART DEUX: A couple of other sources have linked to my post or given their own take, which you can read yourself:

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  1. You're a good man, Chris Lloyd!

  2. Chris, I think it's classy what you've done with your check. A worthy cause. We got a lousy contract, but it's a contract that ensures that when Indy Star starts hiring again they have to reach out to the "December Seven" first, and that's through at least Dec. 2010.

  3. So.. After taxes, the seven "wrongs" of the company were bought off for $12,873? I didn't know the amount until you flashed the check.

    I admire what you are doing with the money and hopefully good will blossom from it -- though I hope it isn't Gannett that will reap the benefit of that future journalist. Really frustrated at how this company has ruined my paper and divided my collegues.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts, all.

    Tom -- I appreciate all that you and the other guild officers did for us. But given how things played out, you'll understand if I'm skeptical about the company sticking to the rehiring policy.

    Matt -- Very few people were aware of the amount of the settlement. I think the confidentiality agreement effectively sealed the deal. And believe it or not, I still love the Indy Star and would be thrilled if my little contribution somehow helped it.

  5. Chris, you're nearing canonization.

    As you were talking about principles, I kept thinking your dog was going to eat the check for a surprise ending.

    You fought the good fight.

  6. Terry -- Believe me, I am about as far away from sainthood as any mortal can be. I probably would have ended up feeding the check to my dog, or some similar display, if my wife Jean hadn't talked me into something more constructive. I'm beginning to understand the meaning behind the phrase, "better half."