Monday, July 13, 2009

14 days, 29 movies

Was just doing some adding and thought I'd share the results with you. I've been dropping hints about how much work I've been putting into preparing for the Indianapolis International Film Festival, in addition to my normal work load of reviews and commentary for my freelance newspapers and Web sites.

Anyway, here it is: Between June 30 and the end of tonight, I will have watched 29 movies. In addition, I will have written reviews for all but one of them. If you figure a conservative estimate of three hours to watch a movie and write the review ... well, you do the math.

Sunday was a typical day for me during this period. I woke up and went to the gym, came home, watched a movie and wrote the review. Then I did some household chores, then popped in another DVD, watched it. Then I cooked dinner, after which we took a walk with the dog, then back to write the second review. By this time it was 8 p.m. or so. I told Jean, "Guess what I'm going to do tonight? Not watch a movie!" But I lied. After playing some video games, I watched the first half of a classic film I'll be reviewing later this week.

So I guess I should call it 29½ movies.

By the way, for anyone who's considering the life of a freelance movie critic, here's how much I got paid for all this work: $100.

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