Sunday, July 19, 2009

New this week

Things are (thankfully) slowing down a bit here. Good thing, because I'm a bit fried -- OK, I'm complete toast -- after all our Indy Film Fest coverage. Please keep heading back to The Film Yap as we continue our coverage through the end of this week.

For new reviews, I'll have "(500) Days of Summer," a nonconventional romantic comedy. I should also have a review of "G-Force," a G-rated hamster action flick. For the DVD review, it will be the stop-motion animation flick "Coraline."

(By the way, we're giving away 11 -- count them, 11 -- DVDs of "Coraline" over at the Film Yap.)

For classic film reviews, I'll have "Johnny Got His Gun" and "Harold and Maude."

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