Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where are all the Metromix boxes?

I work out at the Cardinal Fitness in Broad Ripple, so it's usually a pretty easy affair to swing by any of the 6,792 banks of newspaper boxes where the free papers are distributed. My gym also keeps a rack of Metromix, the Indy Star's weekly "youth" tabloid, inside the main door -- although not, for some reason, the city's alternative weekly, NUVO.

(For those who can't keep up with all the changes, INtake begat the Magazine, which begat Metromix Indy. And despite the Star's insistence that it's aimed at young readers, every reader survey I ever saw showed the average reader was in their late 40s.)

But last week, I picked up my usual copy of NUVO, and noticed that the red Metromix box was gone from its usual spot on the corner of College and Guilford. So I started walking around to another one of the collection of boxes -- same thing, no Metromix. They still had the Metromix rack inside my gym, but it only had last week's edition.

Finally, after searching around I eventually found a Metromix box with a current edition in it. But that still doesn't explain where the rest of them went. Without exageration, there used to be at least a couple dozen of the red boxes spread throughout Broad Ripple. I can only find two now.

Have they been stolen? Pulled by the Star? I'm wondering if the Star is intentionally cutting back on distribution of Metromix as a cost-saving measure. Interestingly, they had an humorous item in the paper a few weeks ago saying that their box by Jimmy John's had been swiped, and asking for its return. Did the rest follow suit? Is this happening in other areas, too?

If anyone hears about what's going on, please leave a comment.

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