Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lightning fast Oscar reaction

  • #MeToo gets James Franco. After winning the Golden Globe, he's now persona non grata.
  •  Martin McDonagh of "Three Billboards" shunted aside for cool kids, aka first-time directors Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig. 
  • Strong showing in general for "Get Out," the most overrated film of the year. 
  • It's rare for youngsters to get a Best Actor nomination in their first big role, so Daniel Kaluuya and Timothee Chalamat are surprises. Stronger contenders were out there.
  • Very surprised and happy to see Woody Harrelson to get a supporting actor nod for "Three Billboards." I much preferred him to Sam Rockwell (he was good, doing a caricature for most of the movie). The two will now compete for the prize.
  • Jessica Chastain gets no love, and "Molly's Game" in general fared poorly with just a script nomination.
  • The Indiana Film Journalists Association's screenplay award for "Logan" proves prescient. I'm tellin' ya, the IFJA should be a bigger part of the awards build-up fanfare!
  • Disappointed by lack of Best Pic nomination for "The Florida Project." Small film, but it got plenty of attention.
  • I think Denzel and Octavia could blow their noses and get nominations. They're like when aging NBA stars get voted into the All-Star game no matter how they played. Did anyone even see "Roman J. Israel, Esquire?"
  • A plum for Plummer. What a career-capper, to be a last-minute add to a big movie and steal the whole show.

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