Sunday, April 19, 2009

For my Jean

I hope you'll indulge me on a personal note.

One year ago today, Jean Gileno became my bride. It has been without question the best 365 days of my life, and I eagerly look forward to 15,000 or so more days together.

We've been through a lot since we've been a couple. There have been health scares with both of our parents, the loss of Jean's beloved grandmother, and each of us has lost their job. I've tried to remain upbeat during my current unemployment, although I admit it's hard for me. I've held a job of one sort or another since I was mowing lawns at age 10. Whenever my mood begins to falter, Jean is there to buck me up and tell me how wonderful I am. (In addition to her many other lovely qualities, she's a terrific liar.)

I can't believe a whole year has flown by already. I love you, Jean, and I'm so lucky to have you that sometimes I watch your head resting on your pillow while you're asleep, and have to remind myself that I'm not in a dream; you really are mine.

And I shall always be yours. Thank you for marrying me.

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