Monday, April 13, 2009

New this week: "17 Again" and DVD review of "The Reader"

Any critic who is afraid of holding an opinion that is outside of the mainstream, especially within the small circle of society that film critics comprise, isn't worth reading.

I had the pleasure a couple of months of ago in sitting in with Matthew Socey on his show "Film Soceyology" along with Lou Harry of Indianapolis Business Journal as we discussed the Oscars. They are two great guys whose opinion I respect enormously. And they both hated "The Reader."

Not just hated it, but were actually cracking jokes about it. So I had to be the guy who stood up (symbolically speaking -- we were all sitting) and say not only did I like the movie, I loved it, and in fact put it #3 on my Top 10 List for 2008.

Did I get some knocks for it from my colleagues? You bet, but that's what being secure in your own opinion is all about. Any one who would change or shade their opinion to elicit the approval of their peers -- well, I don't even have a name for what that is.

I'll be reviewing the DVD release of "The Reader" this week, so we'll see if the video package measures up to the flick.

The new movie of the week to be reviewed is "17 Again" starring Zac Efron in a comedy about an old person becoming young again.

Incidentally, I really wanted to review "State of Play," starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, since I like to see how movies portray journalists. But they're not screening it here, in another sign of how sorry the state of affairs is for Indiana-based critics.

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