Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We've seen "Wolverine"

Bob Bloom and I have safely made it home from our Chicago trip to see "Wolverine." We had to pay $16 in parking fees plus another $10 or so in expressway tolls, not to mention giving up most of a Tuesday. Still, I'm glad we made the trip.

You'll have to wait until Friday to read my review, of course.

It was cold and rainy the entire trip. I was astonished by how many members of the press were at the screening -- around 35 to 40, I'd say. I can't believe there are that many outlets with critics in the Chicago area. The last time I attended a big-city press screening was for "Star Trek VI" in New York City in 1991. It's an entirely different game there, unlike Indianapolis where we have to beg and scrape to get screenings.

On a disappointing note, Roger Ebert was not in attendance. I was hoping to introduce myself. Ah well...


  1. Learning Ebert wasn't there downgraded my regret level at not going from "Life-altering" to "mildly disappointing."

  2. You'll enjoy Ebert's review tomorrow in the Star Go! section. I thought it was brutally funny. I hope the man continues to write reviews for many more years. Maybe he'll be like the 90 year-old science reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle.